Welcome Patients and Caregivers!

Hours of Operation: Monday- Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm

People's Choice is currently OPEN for new members!

People’s Choice Alternative Medicine is open for business! We are located at 2245 West Liberty in Ann Arbor. There is a parking lot in front of our building that you are welcome to use for free.

We offer free lifetime memberships! Credit and debit cards not accepted. We are happy to be in a wheelchair and handicap accessible building.

The team here at People’s Choice are very excited to be able to serve the Ann Arbor area, and we hope to see you soon!

Local News

Check Out All the Local news

Click here to learn about Medical Marijuana News sourced from NORML, High Times, and of course local stories here in Michigan

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How Do I Become Legal?

Questions About Becoming Legal

To begin the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card you must fill out an application issued by the State of Michigan.

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Check out our strains

People Choice dispensary menu shows patients what we have to offer. Menu will include different strains and edibles.

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